If you have a question about your attribution or reporting and believe our sales and revenue attribution and reporting to be incorrect, the first thing to validate is whether or not we have received all orders from your CRM.

You can accomplish this by using our Customer LTV report and performing an Order/UTM search.

Once the Customer LTV report loads, select the Order / UTMSEARCH tab.

Once you have the Order / UTMSearch tab open, set the date range that you want to validate, Uncheck "Show ONLY Attributed Orders" and Filter the report.

When the results have loaded, click Export to Excel

Once you have the Excel File downloaded, you can use this report to validate your revenue and sales against your shopping cart.

If you still see a mismatch in order totals or revenue, please contact support@wickedreports.com.

If your sales and revenue validates, and you're still not seeing the attribution you expect, it is likely a tracking problem or an attribution or customer journey misunderstanding.

If you're confident that none of these apply and you still have questions about your reports, please contact support@wickedreports.com.