For Wicked Reports to provide you quality ROI Reporting data, one major requirement is that we have all of your contact/lead data.  Typically this is pulled from your CRM directly via our integrations.  If you are using the Wicked Reports API, you should have enabled the API for Contact data and developed the connection to the Wicked Reports API.

To confirm that we are properly receiving your Contact Data via the API, you can follow these steps:

1) Go to Authorizations inside Wicked Reports

2) Confirm that you have Enabled the API for Contact Data

3) Confirm that your code is using the correct API Key as provided by Wicked Reports

4) Confirm that your code is not sending in Test data via the test header

5) Confirm that ALL date values passed into Wicked Reports via the API are using UTC timezone.  Using a different timezone may have a serious impact on your reporting

6) Confirm that Contact data is being passed into the Contacts Endpoint as defined in the Wicked Reports API Documentation

7) Go to API Verification Menu inside Wicked Reports

8) Select the appropriate date range and whether you are looking at Real or Test data based on the test header used in your API code

9) Confirm that the CONTACT tab has the data you've added with the API, as expected

10) In Wicked Reports, go to the UTM Search Report

11) Select the CONTACT / UTM SEARCH Tab and make sure you are seeing your Contact Data.  

** Note: Contact data will only reflect API Data added with Create Date of Yesterday or earlier.  Even though the API Verification tool can show live API Data, we don't process it until the next morning.

12) If you DO NOT see Contacts during a selected time-frame in which you KNOW you have new contacts, that means we've not successfully received your API contacts