For us to encode your 40 emails as a part of your Kickstart package, we need you to simply add us as a Partner to your Infusionsoft account.  We recommend adding us as a partner because then you don't need to worry about how many users you have.
Here is what you need to do:
Please add ( as a Partner to your Infusionsoft app.  

Go to Users -> Admin and click the green "Add Partner" button on the top right.  Enter the ID (
) into the box and change the Admin button to "yes."

Now that we have your campaign information, we'll be able to begin as soon as access is provided.  Once our team is done, you will be notified.

As part of this process, your Kickstart Consultant will also be sharing a Google Sheet with you.  This is the sheet they are using to build out your email UTMs.  You will be able to use this sheet in the future for any other UTM building you may need.

If you still need to submit the campaigns you'd like us to encode with UTMs, you can view this help doc for further instruction.