If you're running Facebook Ads, we highly recommend utilizing our Facebook Auto-Tracking Feature

Please note the following risks

It's important to know that there are a few risks when updating your Facebook Ads, whether manually or by using our Auto-Tracking. They include:
  • There's a small chance that social proof can be lost.
  • Because updating the URL tracking parameters causes Facebook to generate a new creative object, Ads will temporarily be reset to Approval Pending and can reset Learning.
  • It is also expected that the change will affect the learning phase of the ads.
If you're concerned about these risks, do not turn on Auto-Tracking and consult your Wicked Reports Customer Success Rep or salesperson before proceeding.

What is Facebook Auto-Tracking?

  • Every 6 hours we update Facebook Ads that need to have proper WickedID Tracking added to them
    • We add WickedSource=Facebook&WickedID=<FB Ad ID> to the "URL Parameters" field of a Facebook Ad
    • Note: Facebook now supports Dynamic URL Parameters. You can use the token {{ad.id}} instead of the actual Ad ID value as your WickedID.
      If you choose to do this, the URL Paramters would be: WickedSource=Facebook&WickedID={{ad.id}}
  • Updated ads will be set in pending status for Facebook to approve them again and Learning could be reset
    • We Do NOT update all ads every 6 hours...only the ones that need to be updated 
  • We DO NOT overwrite existing values in the "URL Parameters" field, we add them to the end
  • You can verify the updates by looking in the "Auto-Update Log" from the Facebook Ad Tracking Screen