If your business does not utilize one of the CRM systems Wicked Reports is integrated with, you are able to manually upload your contacts via CSV

You will find the Contact Upload Screen in the API & Uploaders section

Contacts must be uploaded in a valid CSV Format with the following columns.  You do NOT need to have a header row, but they must be in this order.

NOTE: Some non-English characters can cause problems for our database. Please use UTF-8 encoding for your csv files whenever possible.

  • CONTACTID:  //REQUIRED Unique ContactID from the source Contact system (ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, etc.) 
  • CREATEDATE:  //REQUIRED Date & Time the Lead/Contact was created (Correct formatting example: "9/26/2016 20:15")
    • Using a date and time like this "4-10-17 0:00" will not work.
    • The "20:15" number reflects the time the contact was created in your CRM, in a 24 hour time format.
    • You are welcome to use the 24 hour formatting (20:15 for example) or 12 hour time formatting (8:15PM for example)
    • An example of a correctly formatted CREATEDATE field would be: "9/29/2016 8:15PM"
  • TIMEZONE: //REQUIRED Timezone of Create Date/Time (EST Timezone="UTC-5", CST Timezone="UTC-6", UTC Timezone="UTC-0", etc)
  • EMAIL: //REQUIRED Email address of the Lead/Contact
  • FIRSTNAME: First name of the Lead/Contact
  • LASTNAME: Last name of the Lead/Contact
  • STATE:  State of Lead/Contact
  • COUNTRY:  Country of the Lead/Contact
  • CRM SYSTEM:  //REQUIRED a reference field of the source system that the contact was added to.  This can be any value and does not affect how Wicked Reports processes Leads/Contacts

When you open the screen, you will see two tabs

  • Upload New Contacts:  You can drag and drop (or select) the .csv contacts file you want to upload
  • Upload Attempt History:  You can see all the upload attempts you've made (successful and failed)

When on the Upload New Contacts tab, you will see a Drop area where you can Drop a .csv file (or click and select the file).

Once Dropped (or selected), Wicked Reports will attempt to validate all the Contacts in the file.  If NO errors are found, you will see all the contacts that were uploaded.

If any errors are found, you will receive a message with the count of contacts that have errors.  You will be able to continue uploading the good contacts and ignore the bad ones.

If you select "Yes", you will be shown the contacts to see which ones had errors.

You will then be able to "Submit" the good contacts and ignore the bad ones.

What is Wicked Reports Validating In The Contacts?

  • Each contact must have an ContactID
  • Each contact must have an Email Address
  • Each contact must have a valid Date/Time of the Contact Creation
  • Each contact must use a valid Timezone
  • Each contact must have s Contact Source

Here is another example of an error. All fields are REQUIRED.

**NOTE: Uploaded Contacts are processed daily, like all other contacts and will be reflected in your reports the following day