You can select whatever time-frame you like.

You’ll get a chart showing you the Overall Leads, Sales, Revenue and Cost 

Then you’ll see 5 boxes. One for Overall and 4 broken down by source.

The Overall box shows ALL Sales and Costs during the time frame, regardless of whether the sales were attributed to anything or not. It will include all sales and costs, even the ones that have no attribution.

Facebook will show you statistics for sales involving Facebook. Email will show sales involving email. Adwords will show sales involving Adwords. Unpaid Social will show sales for items which come from a social channel and appear to be unpaid. This would be Facebook Posts, Tweets, Instagram Posts, LinkedIn posts. Basically, any social post you aren’t paying for.

Each box shows

  • Revenue - Total Revenue (Order Totals, not just payments received)
  • ROI - Return on Investment : (Revenue - Costs) / Costs
  • LTV - Long Term Value for Time Frame selected: Revenue / Customers
  • EPL - Earning Per Lead : Revenue / Leads 
  • CPL - Cost per Lead : Costs / Leads
  • Costs
  • Clicks
  • Leads
  • Sales
  • Customers

So, how do we determine what goes in each box? You’ll notice the label at the top. It says Full Attribution Impact. What this means is that for all boxes other than Overall, we provide stats to that source if any of the major touch points for an order has that source.

For example, if I have an order and either First Click, First Optin, Last Click or Re-Optin Attribution for that order has a source of Facebook, that order and its revenue will be added to the Facebook Box.

If that same order has either First Click, First Optin, Last Click or Re-Optin Attribution as Adwords, then the order and its revenue will be added to Adwords.

Same goes for email and unpaid social.

EXAMPLE: If I have a customer who’s first click was an Adwords Ad and then opted into a Facebook Ad, then made a purchase from an Email click, that order will be added to Facebook, email and Adwords. It will still only show up in Overall, 1 time.

For each of the individual sources boxes, many orders will be added to each. This is intentional. Please keep in mind that The Overall box will not over-count and will represent the overall totals.

You will not want to simply add up Facebook, Email, Adwords and unpaid Social to match up to Overall. That’s not the intent of the Mission Control Screen.

you’ll notice that we have a Gross and Net option on the screen as well. When you select Net, we remove all Void, Declined and Refunded orders and revenue.   So, as long as your payments and refunds are imported into Wicked Reports, this will likely be a very helpful option.