This is one of the most common questions we get from our customers.

First, let's be clear about how each platform attributes leads and sales to ads. 

How Facebook Attributes Leads and Sales

If someone sees your ad and joins your list or buys something any time in the next 28 days, Facebook will attribute that action to the ad.

Attribution is based on Facebook's ability to know who they showed ads to, who clicked, and who triggered a page view with their tracking pixel. This works great for optimizing your Facebook ad distribution and targeting.

The downside is that this method isn't verifiable and can over-attribute sales in cases where there were other actions involved that contributed to the sale.

How Wicked Reports Attributes Leads and Sales

Wicked will only attribute the opt-in or sale to a Facebook ad if someone clicks a properly tracked ad and opts in or buys on a tracked landing page within the configured tracking window, which, by default, is 1 hour.

Our attribution is fact-based and verifiable. We only attribute sales when we have known, tracked clicks for sales. There's no speculation, no guessing, and no assumptions cloaked in the secrecy of proprietary algorithms.

We'll give credit where credit is due, but we're not biased toward any one ad platform, traffic source, or email campaign.

Beyond Attribution Differences, We Report Differently, Too

We handle time frame differently. Facebook reports on the ad spend during the specified time frame and attributes any sale that resulted from a click or view during that time. Wicked Reports reports on sales during the specified period regardless of when the spend or actual click occurred.

Top Reasons Why Lead and Sales Attribution Might Be Different

Beyond these fundamental differences in how our attribution models work, here are the 6most common reasons your Wicked Reports lead or sales count will be different than what Facebook is telling you.

  1. You don't have the WR tracking widget or ad UTMs set up everywhere properly (or didn't at some point in your campaign).
  2. Your FaceBook tracking pixel isn't properly configured.
  3. I see your ad, Google your company, and opt-in or buy without clicking your ad.
  4. I click your ad, bookmark you page, and opt-in or buy later.
  5. I see your ad on FB, click your ad on AdWords, and opt-in or buy.
One Other Reason

The remaining possibility is that Wicked Reports had a problem processing or reporting on your data. While we are working to eliminate this risk as much as possible, it does still happen. If you've reviewed all the other possibilities, but still think something is not adding up, please email and we'll work with you to track down the discrepancy.