There are a number of reasons that attributed revenue will be lower than actual revenue. We don't know the exact reason for your company but here are number of potential reasons:
  • You may have lots of organic traffic which is not attributable.
  • Traffic may be coming from a 3rd party site that didn't have tracking on it (i.e. some other blog, etc.).  This is common for companies doing lots of marketing prior to Wicked Reports.
  • You may have customers that are buying now but where on your list prior to you using Wicked Reports.  We won't know where those leads came from and cannot attribute them back to a specific click.
  • Some of the revenue may be from recurring subscriptions purchases made prior to wicked reports and we don't know where those customers came from.
  • You may have had some time where you didn't have the Wicked Reports Tracking Code on a landing page, optin form, or order form
  • You may not have had tracking set up properly on Facebook Ads
  • You may have a landing page set up to redirect users to another URL and tracking codes are not passed with the redirect.  This would cause Wicked Reports to lose the attribution.
  • You may be running Facebook video ads and users saw the video but didn't click on it.  Instead they navigated directly to your website.  If there is no click on an ad, we cannot attribute it
  • You may not have had tracking set up properly on Emails
  • Traffic may be coming from social media posts that don't have any tracking on them
We cannot be exactly sure what the mix of reasons is for you but these might be some of them.

If you are convinced that none of these would affect your business, you are welcome to contact support and we will do our best to help figure out if something needs to be fixed.