How to Connect ClickFunnels Orders with Zapier

1. Log into your Zapier account and select Make a Zap
2. Choose a Trigger App-Select ClickFunnels

3. Click Continue
4. Select Clickfunnels Trigger(New Successful Purchase)

5. Click Continue
6. Click Test to test the connection with ClickFunnels

7. Choose the Funnel and Funnel step you would like to pull orders from
8. Click Continue
9. Zapier will attempt to pull an order to test the zap.  Pull In Samples-This screen will advise whether the test passed or failed.  If it passes, click Continue.  If it fails, edit the setup depending on the error you get.
11. Choose an Action App-Select Wicked Reports
12. Click Continue
13. Select Wicked Reports action-Select Create Order
14. Click Continue
15. A box will popup and ask you to enter in your client name with Wicked Reports.  You will enter in your client name here.16. After entering an account name in, you will test the connection.  If it passes, click continue.  If it fails, fix any relevant information.

17. Edit Template- In this field, we will need to add the corresponding fields in Clickfunnels to pull into Wicked Reports.  
Source system-Type into field "Clickfunnels"
Customer email-Search for and add "Contact email"
Order id-Search for an add "charge id"
Order total-Search for an add "products amount fractional"
Order date time-Search for an add "created at "
Order time zone-Type into field "UTC-5"
Product id-Search for an add "Products ID"
Product name-Search for an add "Products name"
Customer state-Search for an add "Contact State"
Customer country-Search for an add "Contact Country"
Subscription Id-Search for an add "Subscription ID"(optional)

18. Click Continue
19. Test the zap connection.  
20. The last step is to turn on the Zap.