Wicked Reports can receive contact information from HubSpot using our Zapier integration for Contacts.

How to Connect HubSpot with Wicked Reports

How we will get the data from HubSpot
1. Log into Zapier
2. Click Make a Zap
3. Choose HubSpot
4. Choose the New Contact Trigger
5. Click Save + Continue
6. Click Test
7. Click Save + Continue
8. Choose your account from dropdown list
9. Choose the list from HubSpot you want to import into Wicked Reports
10. Under status, choose subscribed
11. Click Continue
12. Fetch and Continue - Will test successful or unsuccessful. If unsuccessful, fix any necessary errors.

What data we will import into Wicked Reports

13. Add a new Action step to the Zap and search for Wicked Reports
14. Select the action Create Contact
15. Enter your Wicked Reports API Key to access your account
16. Set up the template to insert the desired values.
17. Set the field mappings according to our Contact HTTP Post requirements.
18. Click Continue
19. Click Test
20. The final step, Name Zap and turn on Zap.

To import historical data from HubSpot into Wicked Reports

For your initial reporting, you should import your existing contact list into WIcked Reports using our Contact  CSV Uploader.

For email Click Tracking

To facilitate email tracking, we recommend enabling Source Tracking to ensure consistent, trouble-free UTM tagging for all of your emails.