WebinarJam and EverWebinar are very popular Webinar hosting platforms. Whether you do live webinars or automated Webinars, know that your attendees become valuable customers is extremely important.  

Wicked Reports tracking will work with WebinarJam/Everwebinar.  There is only ONE requirement however.

You MUST be using your own custom Landing Pages for registration page.  You WILL NOT be able to track with Wicked Reports if you choose to use WebinarJam/EverWebinar - Hosted landing pages.  This is a limitation of WebinarJam/Everwebinar.

If your Webinar Registration Landing Page is a URL that looks like this, you will NOT get tracking

You will need to start using a custom landing page, which integrates the WebinarJam registration Popup.  Again, this is a limitation of WebinarJam/Everwebinar.
In the video below, you'll learn how to add the Wicked Tracking Script to your WebinarJam/EverWebinar account.

Once you are set up to use your own landing pages for registrations, the steps to set up tracking are quite simple:

1) Open the Webinar for you want to add Wicked Reports tracking

2) Go to to 5- Integrations

3) Click Embed your custom tracking code

4) Paste your Wicked Reports tracking code in the "Registration page tracking" field

5) Save the Webinar

Validate that the Tracking Script loads properly on the Registration Popup Window

6) Open Tracking Code Verification

7) In Tracking Code Verification, select "Optin tracking" and enter the URL of the Optin Form
8) Click Start Test and a new browser tab will open

9) Once loaded, optin to the webinar with the email address:  testing@wickedreports.com

10) Go back to Wicked Reports and click "End Test"

11) If we we can track the optin successfully, the test will Pass.  If not, the test will Fail (if it fails, did you use testing@wickedreports.com?)